Use the Cryptocurrency that you like, to create and deploy VPS infrastructure, anonymously.

No account, email, credit card, or any other personal information is required. Just deploy and enjoy !
Recent updates

@Faceless Cloud AdminWe had some issues during the night. EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL and all payed instances have now been CREATED. Use "facelesscloud status --help" for more informations about your VPS. Please contact us with the transaction number or the instance ID if you still have any difficulties. Thank you.

@Faceless Cloud AdminWe are now accepting "Bitcoin" "Bitcoin Cash", "Ethereum" and "Litecoin" !.

@Faceless Cloud Admin
New version, 1.2.0, of Facelesscloud Python CLI Client is out. Use pip3 install --upgrade facelesscloud , to update it !

Quick Deploy

Using Python3 :

We are assuming that you guys know a little of python and how running it on you favorite Operating System.
Here more details and Documentations about PIP (Python Package Manager -> 

Install facelesscloud Client with pip :
sudo pip3 install facelesscloud

Simply use the subcommand "makeconf" to easy start spawning instances :
facelesscloud makeconf

Now Spawn the instance using the config file that you just created: 
facelesscloud spawn -c instance-conf.json

You can also directly use "spawn" subcommand send give the required params : 
facelesscloud spawn --time 24 --flavor 201 --operating_system 167 --region 1 --sshkey /home/USER/.ssh/ --kickstart ../path_to_your_bash_script/

Please use the command help to know about other subcommands like, os, region, flavor, etc...
facelesscloud --help

Full Documentation here.

Using Instant Form :

Abuse complaints

Do the fuck you want, but ......

Faceless Cloud reserved the right to shut down any instance receiving abuse report that is illegal in the deployed region. Spam, Mail Bomber, DDoS, Brute Force, Fraud, etc....
If your instance get shutdown, please communicate with us directly and we will restart the instance for you. You will have 24H to clean up and stop what caused the abuse report.

If any serious attack is detected or reported or flagged legitimate, Faceless Cloud reserved the right to destroy instantaneously any instance.

This is a anonymous service. There's not way to advise you. If you encounter any trouble or you think that the instance have been shutdown or detroyed by mistake, please communicate with us.

In other words, just don't do anything that could put shit on you, or legally harm you.

By using our services, facelesscloud API, Client, Website, you agree to any of these conditions. Conditions may change anytime.


For any support or question related to the infrastucture, don't hesitate to communicate with us.

BitMessage : -> BM-2cUvFUoFtMuW5fte3twwVBQM7E4Gu1R3Nk
EMAIL : -> [email protected]

BitMessage Documentation : ->
BitMessage Daemon ( command line ) : ->